Mitre Nights

With so many of the first bibles and dictionaries printed in little courtyards not more than a stone’s throw from where these podcasts were recorded, it’s not surprising that these cobbled streets, these back alleys and their many pubs and coffee houses became a magnet for the leading literary lights over five centuries. And much of this before the first daily newspaper rolled off its press in 1702.

The Mitre Tavern was Dr Johnson’s favourite stopping place: for over two centuries remarkable for its lively atmosphere and knack for attracting the greatest authors and poets of their age. While The Mitre itself has passed into memory, its legacy has not.

With Mitre Nights, you will sense the brewing and bubbling of history in this place. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable . . .

MN004 - How was COP26 for you?

Our last Mitre Nights was recorded just before the Glasgow Climate Change conference. Joining moderator Tam McDonald to reflect here on the achievements (or not) of COP26 are Cradle of English Innovations Advisor Dr John Collins and Ben Lewis, co-founder of MyFarm with our guest from our last Mitre Nights, Alex Jenn. Ben’s chief concern was the extent to which food issues weren’t satisfactorily addressed in Glasgow; while John wonders if the context within which we are addressing Climate Change needs re-defining.

Monday, 24 November 2021

MN003 - Innovating to Save the Planet

Mitre Nights is relaunching with the unifying theme of Innovation in Fleet Street, inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In this edition, moderator Tam McDonald welcomes innovation specialist Jeremy Basset of branding agency co:cubed, and entrepreneur Alex Jenn, co-founder of a prize-winning business idea for MyFarm. Our question: how can the business and legal sectors of central London help deliver a Sustainable New World?

Monday, 22 November 2021

MN002 - Did Dr Johnson ask: “Why here?”

Mitre Nights moderator Tam McDonald is joined by Celine Luppo McDaid, curator of Dr Johnson’s House Museum in Fleet Street, London; and by Cradle of English Head of Research John Bailey. Sitting in the parlour of Dr Johnson’s House, they range over the many and fascinating influences that made this area a magnet for creative energies, centuries before the newspaper industry took hold here...

Wednesday, 1 May 2020

MN001 - Mitre Nights

Welcome to Mitre Nights – a podcast celebrating the history and richness of the English language. Recorded in a variety of locations in and around the heart of London’s Fleet Street, this library of conversations will examine how it is that one tiny neighbourhood became identified with printing and with publishing – and the rapid evolution of the world’s premier language.

Wednesday, 1 May 2020